Bold Foot | Kipsta

Furniture Project | Masterclass
To bring football in the convenience of your home (post-covid).


To make a piece of furniture that gets easily integrated in a home/garden environment while helping/motivating people to play football.

Marc-Antoine AUBERT, Kipsta.
Tools Used:
3 Days.

main goal

Since the start of Covid, people were confined to the boundaries of their house and backyards. This put a lot of restrictions on different sports and made Jack a dull boy. Now we have KIPSTA with Decathlon who are trying to bring sports to our houses, but with a twist. The idea is to bring football (by Kipsta) to the comfort of your house/garden while not disturbing the aesthetic around it. To use it to keep people active, motivated to have a great time at home and to mainly have fun playing football at home.

The process

Group Ideation
Choice of Concept
Choice of Theme

The Project started off by marking out the essence of football as a sport. What is the minimum requirement to play football anywhere. After that the group went into multiple brain storming sessions to find ways to integrate Football in our homes.

post its

Choosing 4 out of 400

Once done with choosing the concept we went ahead to deciding what the theme for the project will be from a list of different home setups and surroundings.

Modern Outdoors
Rustic Indoors
Aesthetic Indoors
Minimal Indoors
Maximal Indoors
Simple Outdoors

After deciding the concept to develop and the theme of the house, I went ahead with finding inspiration and making a mood board to have a clear vision. I chose to go further with making "a Sofa/Chair/Seat which can act as a goal to play Football."



About the brand

After looking into Maximalism, I tried to understand what it exactly is and went around looking for different examples of it when I found this company called MOUSTACHE. It is a French publishing house in the field of contemporary articles and home furnishings since 2009. The company has collaborations with various designers and studios from around the world. Objects produced by Moustache have been integrated in museum collections such as the MoMa, centre national des arts plastiques, Le Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, Le MAKK, etc.

the brand

While I was going through their work I found this wonderful collection by BIG-GAME, Switzerland. A studio that makes simple, functional and optimistic design. BIG-GAME along with MOUSTACHE Introduced the BOLD collection. A series of comfortable, minimal yet maximal collection of seating furniture for the house. And this inspired me the most to build upon the idea of an add-on to their collection in collaboration with KIPSTA.


sketch board


bold foot

The BOLD FOOT is a stool/pouf that takes up the radical constructive principles of the BOLD range by combining two large tubes and, contrary to what it suggests, offers surprising comfort. Its alternate taut, soft curves that act successively as seat, Its strong sculptural dimension contrasts with the sensation of comfort experienced once seated on the large diameter tubes, upholstered with a very thick layer of injected foam. Several technical details buried in the depth of the stool and an invisible assembly system allow the seat and the net to be flush with each other, so they barely seem to brush against each other to come together. 



The BOLD FOOT offers a comfortable wide seat for the user to sit in and play while having the feet move easily around to block goals. The height is tall enough to not cause imbalance while giving good posture.

The Design

It's open design helps to not get stuck or feel trapped while playing football in the house. The net stitched directly into the body makes sure to hold every goal however strong the kick. The top cavity can also be used for storing the football when not in use.

stool bottomstool bottom

The Structure

The front legs are wide so they can have the ball pass in easily while maintaining the balance of the person sitting above. The seat comes with feet supports to make the seat easy to move around a little without much friction.

The Look

The goal post blends and hides into the surroundings of a maximal design house while being available to score goals anytime you want. A great addition the the collection of MOUSTACHE and a collaboration by KIPSTA to bring Football at home.

home setup
gallery view

The Piece

Finally a beautiful piece of art to look at and to enjoy in the shop gallery as well as your homes. Providing a feeling of simplicity, functionality and beauty.


This is purely done for educational purposes and is not associated with Moustache.