CMF | Apple AirPods Max

Personal Project | Explorer
To model and render the Apple AirPods Max and study the different CMFs of Apple.


To learn and understand the different tools of Rhinoceros 3D and Luxion Keyshot and use them for a CMF project.
Tools Used:
3 days.


APPLE, a company that has always fascinated me with its every product time and again for a market that consists of people from different backgrounds. A company that shows not only the person's preferences but his status and never fails to establish dominance over other brands. their every product makes the user feel luxury just by the look of it. the touch, the feel, the finish and everything about it shouts luxury. As simple it may look, as arduous it gets when it comes to making those surfaces.

Thus I chose the Apple AirPods Max to model and render to put myself to test and to try and develop on my Rhinoceros 3d & Keyshot skills.


Head net surfaceheadgearheadband zoomear cup surfaceear piece part surface
ear piece


model headphonesmodel side
model topmodel headphonesmodel closeup




details cup
details eardetails inside
details head banddetails crown


cmf black
cmf blue
cmf yellow
cmf white
cmf green
cmf pink
cmf purple
This is purely done for educational purposes and is not associated with Apple Inc.